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10 original ideas for wedding table names

Are you looking for original ideas to name the tables of your wedding banquet? The themes are among the most varied and disparate, you just need to follow your creativity and also your passions! Coordinating the choice of table names with that of the nuptial fil rouge could be a refined idea that insinuates itself into a harmonious game of decorations and settings. In this article, we will throw you 10 ideas for wedding table names to help you with this arduous but beautiful task.

1. Music theme wedding table names

Be inspired by the songs of your history, by the singers of your heart, by the verses of your favorite soundtracks, by musical instruments, by musical genres or by the names of the bands you grew up with. The result will be original and certainly personalized!

2. Food & beverage theme

Choose the names of your favorite dishes, culinary genres, cocktails, spirits or wines, fruits, spices or herbs you love the most! And if you are passionate about cakes and sweets, you can name the tables with the names of the greatest creations of the maître patissier and let your guests find even a greedy place card.

3. Artistic theme

The most important monuments, works of art, the names of the most famous museums, painters and artistic currents that have marked the past eras.

4. Travel theme

Are you a great traveler, do you love to discover the world and are you looking for travel-themed wedding table names? So go ahead to the names of the cities that have marked your history, the most important squares, the metro stops and last but not least the stages of your honeymoon.

5. Sports and leisure theme

Extreme sports, Olympic champions, records achieved in various disciplines, the most important stadiums and teams, the names of racing cars and motorcycles, the names of video games, board games.

6. Literary theme

The poets, the writers, the most romantic verses, the most beautiful quotes, the passages of the works, the best-sellers, the most famous couples who have remained etched in the history of Italian and foreign literature but also the sayings and proverbs in the vernacular.

7. Nature & green theme

If, on the other hand, you love nature and everything related to the environment, you can opt for the names of plants, mountains, seas, beaches and oceans, stones, minerals a